Will Your Criminal Case Go to Trial
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Will Your Criminal Case Go to Trial?

Not every criminal case goes to trial, but a jury trial is necessary for some situations. Allow a Riverside criminal defense lawyer to review your options and work to resolve your case as favorably as possible.

When we see movies and television shows regarding criminal cases, the premise often centers around a jury trial in which the jury finds the defendant guilty or not guilty. While some cases do require a trial, many others are able to be resolved in different manners. If you want assistance with a criminal case and learning about your options, contact a Riverside criminal defense lawyer at DeLimon Law as soon as possible.

Charges Dropped or Dismissed

The ultimate goal of criminal defense is to get charges dropped by the prosecutor or dismissed by the court whenever possible. There are different ways that attorneys can do this, including:

  1. Presenting strong exculpatory evidence to the prosecution
  2. Getting key evidence suppressed from the case by filing pretrial motions
  3. Otherwise demonstrating to the judge that the prosecutor has insufficient evidence to support the charge

When your charges are dismissed or dropped, your current case is over. In some situations, a prosecutor might reissue charges if they gather additional evidence. However, there are statutes of limitations that apply in California, which can vary for different criminal charges. These are the time limits that a prosecutor has to pursue a particular type of case. Once the statute of limitations passes and no charges are reissued, you can move on with your life.

Pleading Guilty

Many defendants decide to plead guilty to their charges for various reasons. First, a skilled Riverside criminal defense lawyer can often obtain a favorable plea deal from the prosecutor. These agreements usually involve reduced charges or avoiding jail time in exchange for a guilty plea.


You should never plead guilty to a crime without first discussing the option with a criminal defense attorney. There can be many implications of a guilty plea, and you should be aware of all consequences that you are agreeing to. In addition, prosecutors generally will not offer plea bargains directly to unrepresented defendants, so you might be accepting harsher penalties than necessary.

If you do decide to plead guilty after weighing your options with an attorney, you will enter the plea and the judge will issue the sentence to resolve your case.

Jury Trials

If you are innocent or the prosecutor does not have sufficient evidence to prove your charges, your attorney might recommend taking the case to trial. There are complicated procedures that you must follow during the trial process, including:

  1. Jury selection
  2. Presenting evidence
  3. Objections
  4. Motion rulings
  5. Cross-examination
  6. Jury instructions
  7. Sentencing

You want an experienced litigator handling every step of the pretrial and trial process to ensure you present the strongest possible case to the jury. Make sure you have a criminal defense law firm that has handled many jury trials for your type of criminal charges.

We will do everything we can to protect your freedom

Your rights are a priority for a lawyer who provides your legal rights as well as the judicial system provides you with a legal advocate if necessary. Despite their expertise, public defenders are extremely overworked and often ineffective. Your criminal case can be a dreaded case your lawyer can work on. It doesn’t make sense to them. Our Riverside criminal defense lawyers can assist you with a variety of cases. The most efficient and effective solution we can offer is to make a positive decision. Our reputation for successful results requires an accurate defense strategy.

Speak with a Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer Right Away

At DeLimon Law, we know that some criminal cases need to go to trial to seek justice, and we are ready to represent you in court. Contact us online or call 951-777-9104 if you are in Riverside or nearby to discuss how we can help in your case.


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