Can criminal charges affect my sporting career

Can criminal charges affect my sporting career?

A criminal charge may have a significant effect on your life in addition to fines levied on you. It may be possible that the club or the athletic body that you are associated with will discipline is only charged with a criminal offense. Potts Attorneys are commissioned by amateur and professional athletes, the largest private criminal defense company in Queensland, to not only safeguard their criminal rights but also to ensure minimal impact in their careers. We know that celebrities have outstanding attention in the media, but you won’t find our attorneys jumping in front of cameras while defending you.

What are the consequences of an accusation? Is it just spoiling your mind? Is it punishable and punishable? No, the effect is often very severe, and occasionally unforeseen. Take a fancy sportsman, showing a promising career, as an example. The sports agency or club takes disciplinary action and expels the club only if it is charged with a crime. Is it not stressful and disheartening?

It is, of course. The project included consultation with a Lawyers DUI Gold Coast Adelaide, a specialist at the crime scene, who defends the rights of sportspeople and seeks to mitigate their impacts on the career of sports.

There is a dedicated team of criminal and litigation attorneys that will direct you through the court. They help sports departments, authorities, or clubs during conflicts.

Our team consists of committed criminal attorneys and dedicated lawyers for the settlement of disputes. We will support you in the courts and any conflicts with your club or sports organization.

I have been arrested or charged. What should I do?

You should immediately contact one of our attorneys and talk about it with nobody else. Either the police or prosecutors may use something you say about this matter against you in the Criminal Lawyers Gold Coast proceedings which may also raise the likelihood of disciplinary repercussions for you.

Am I innocent until proven guilty?

First of all, you must immediately meet a Criminal Lawyers Gold Coast, Adelaide. Speak to him about the matter. It is important not to talk to other people or to gossip about stuff. You can be risky in some loose talks or comments. You can be used without the prosecution or police reference during the trial.

You have the right to be found innocent in the criminal justice system. You will also not be tried by a judge until you are found guilty or convicted after a hearing. This does not unfortunately mean that you are against your employer’s choice of suspending or excluding you from your sport. There are cases of professional athletes charged with crimes and then suspended from the teams well before their court case was concluded.

What are my reasons for punishing me when I am presumed innocent, my boss or sports body?

Since the framework of Lawyers DUI Gold Coast justice needs very high burdens of evidence, sports contracts are subject “not to any reasonable doubt,” where evidence is only required “on probability balance.” In addition, private contracts also have their own disciplinary provisions. A popular reason for punishment is “disrepute the sport/team,” a very wide legal term that covers a quasi-infinite number of scenarios. Examples of activities that could lead, but are not limited to, such charges:

  • To be prosecuted for or accused of a crime;
  • conduct that could be a criminal act that has attracted media coverage or multiple witnesses;
  • Being accused, regardless of their truthfulness, of sexual misconduct;
  • to make comments in person or online in which racist, sexist, homophobic, or offensive statements in any way may be accurately or inaccurately depicted;
  • Apparently innocent acts, such as being portrayed with guns in a country that requires and shares ownership of firearms.

May I question my employer’s or sports body’s decision to punish me?

Yes, that’s right. You also get a “show cause note” before making a decision, which may ask you to make representations as to why action should not be taken against you. You can contact our office immediately if you receive such a notification. This is a legal procedure. If a notice of an exhibition or penalty is levied after you submit an application, an enlarged committee in your sporting body, an arbitration tribunal for your sport, or the Court of Arbitration for sport can also receive additional grounds for appeal. The traditional judicial structure, for example, the District Court of Queensland, can also be appealed in certain cases.

Seek Legal Advice

While the purpose of this article is not to include a guide to Queensland’s general principles, legal advice should not be treated and important aspects should not be covered in respect of your particular circumstances. You want to contact our team if you are affected by the topics covered by this post.

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