World's Most Dangerous Prison Gangs
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World’s Most Dangerous Prison Gangs

10 Most Dangerous Prison Gangs in The World

Prison gangs are a global presence, with members in countries all over the world. From their beginnings as small groups of prisoners banding together for protection from other inmates to protect themselves, prison gang culture has grown into an international phenomenon. The most dangerous prison gangs are ones that have been around for decades and have a long-standing history of violence and bloodshed.

Here is a list of ten of the most powerful prison gangs in the world:

Barrio Azteca

This is a highly structured organization that consists of 2,000 members. The Barrio Azteca are the most violent prison gang in America and they operate mainly in prisons located on both sides of the border between Texas and New Mexico. This potent group transports illicit drugs across borders for profit while operating like any other business entity with drug trafficking being their main product line to transport into these regions where it can make them millions per year. They are usually involved in heinous crimes such as alien smuggling. They can be found committing arson, assault, auto theft, burglary and weapons violations among others.

Dead Man Incorporated (DMI)

DMI is not your average prison gang. They were created by three inmates in the 1980s and have never been an official part of any specific correctional facility, operating chiefly within Maryland’s Division of Corrections with a membership estimated at over 370 – consisting mainly of white males. In 2006, leadership from MDOC gave DMI members approval to recruit inside Virginia’s corrections system; then they committed assaults on law enforcement officials so that they could be incarcerated there for their own recruiting purposes as well as distributing drugs while committing murders-for-hire, acts intimidation or violence against other rival gangs’ members and drug distribution among others to maintain power & influence throughout various systems across the country through “horizontal coordination.”

Aryan Brotherhood (AB)

The Aryan Brotherhood is a notorious prison gang made up of two factions. One faction operates in the CDCR while another resides within Federal Prisons, with most members being Caucasian males. The AB are notoriously violent and have been known to commit murder-for-hire jobs as well as other crimes such as extortion and drug distribution among others. They operate mainly in Southwestern United States prisons but also make frequent appearances on Northern coasts for work. Recent tensions between this group’s leaders has led to fighting between Caucasians and Hispanic prisoners at several facilities throughout California, leading many administrators out there wondering whether they should be merged together or not due ongoing conflicts taking place over territorial rights over drugs sold by both groups inside their cells.

Mexican Mafia (La Eme)

The Mexican Mafia is a prison gang that formed in the 1950s with an estimated membership of 350 to 400. The majority of its members are from Southern California, and they follow strict rules when it comes to their criminal activity which includes gaming and prostitution within prisons. La Eme has not only been successful in these operations but also outside of the correctional institutions due to being involved heavily into drug trafficking activities as well- such as methamphetamine production by either importing or manufacturing them domestically inside state facilities.

Black Guerilla Family

The Black Family, the original gangsta family. They are highly organized along paramilitary lines with a supreme leader and central committee that operates mainly in California and Maryland controlling 100 to 300 members who are primarily African-American males. The BGF engages in criminal activities such as auto theft, burglary drive by shooting/homicide for drug deals or any other crime they can get their hands on from Nuestra Familia Nortenos which sometimes include homicide or carjacking depending what side of town you’re at.


The Texas Mexican Mafia is a criminal organization that poses a significant drug trafficking threat to communities in the Southwestern United States, particularly in Texas. The gang was formed by members of the TDCJ prison system who were predominantly from Mexico or had ties with Mexican-Americans and Mexicans alike. It began as an alliance against other gangs like Dallas’ Black Guerrilla Family but has since evolved into one of America’s most powerful organizations outside its prisons walls due to their involvement not only deals drugs but also acts as enforcers for cartels across both sides off borderland territory, such as Ciudad del Carmen on behalf of Los Zetas cartel outin Veracruz state where they extort money and commit kidnappings for ransom among many other crimes.

Tango Blast

The Tango gang first formed in 1998, with four members entering the Texas penal system and refusing to join an existing Hispanic gang. They eventually became known as Tangos after they began wearing tattoos that reflected their home towns – a town called “Tangle” for example would have tangeled stripes on one arm or leg. There are now eight recognized groups of Tangos; six who identify themselves by Puro Tango Blast (meaning pure tango), which poses a significant security threat within the state’s correctional facilities because these gangs appear to be challenging The Texas Syndicate for control over illegal activities happening inside prisons.

Nazi Low Riders

The NLR are a dangerous California-based prison gang with an estimated 800 to 1,000 members. The majority of these belong to the Caucasian race and have histories in street gangs or drug use. They operate inside correctional facilities as well as communities where they are involved in distributing methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana along with armed robbery assault, murder among other crimes such as identity fraud and money laundering etc . These criminals also intimidate witnesses into silence by threatening them for their safety if they speak out against them via intimidation tactics like witness retaliation.

Public Enemy Number One

PEN1 is the fastest-growing racial prison gang in America, with an estimated membership of between 400 and 5,000 people. They follow a white supremacist philosophy that’s aligned to AB and Nazi Low Riders. Members are involved in drug trafficking (methamphetamine) as well as several other offenses like assault, attempted murder, homicide or property crimes.


Puerto Rican-American gang Neta has been described as one of the most violent prison gangs in America. The group is comprised of about 7,000 members on Puerto Rico and 5,000 members inside 9 states and 36 cities across the U.S., where they are mostly engaged with drug distribution or theft to fund their operations. Members only remain part of this organization during their incarceration period; when released from jail or prison these individuals rejoin society without any connection to Neta outside a shared past experience that was brutalizing for many involved participants. The major crimes associated with this gang include money-laundering, burglary, home invasion, weapons and explosives trafficking.


The 10 prison gangs listed here have been recognized as the most dangerous in the world. They are notorious for their ruthlessness and violence, which has led to a reputation that is well known by both law enforcement officials and civilians alike. What do you think about them being considered one of the deadliest groups on earth? Do you know any people who would be afraid if they found out where you lived or went to school due to this gang’s influence there? Let us know in the comments section what your thoughts are.

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