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How Does a Criminal Record Affect Your Life?

5 Ways Criminal Records Can Affect Your Life

A Criminal record can really be a burden for an individual since most people are very judgmental about having a criminal in their community, organization, and company. Regardless of the level of criminal record whether it is a small or large crime, what matters is that he/she has a criminal record and he/she is a criminal in the eyes of society. Despite this, some people choose to move on carrying that burden with them so that they could be able to start over and put food on the table. But criminal records no matter how small or big can still affect certain aspects of life.

Here are 5 Ways Criminal Records can affect your life:

  1. Employment – since most companies conduct a background check of their applicants before they are hired or they get certain clearance certificates from respective law enforcement agencies stating that they have never been involved in any criminal activities and criminal records that can endanger the lives of the people around him/her. But if there is a record being found on these clearance certificates the applicant might not get that job he/she has applied for because companies and organizations usually do not want any of their employees having any criminal records. Especially if that employee has a criminal record relating to behavior and anger management, but some companies have a condition before they would hire this kind applicant he/she must enter a behavioral therapy.
  2. Immigration – if the person is a foreigner and he/she wants to travel to another country to start all over and move on with his/her life but has a criminal record he/she might not be allowed to step into that country and can be grounds for deportation and forever be banned from entering that nation. Usually, this happens to high profile criminal records despite them having served their jail time and wanting to move on from that dark past immigration officers are usually strict on those who would try to enter into their country.
  1. Renting & Leasing – when a person has served his/her jail time or has just been involved in certain criminal activities he/she might have a hard time finding a place to stay since landlords are doing a background check of the person who wants to rent or lease their property because whatever happens something illegal into these properties the landlord will be the first to be investigated.
  1. College Admission – entering College or Graduate school program from any College or University they will always have a mandatory background check of the prospective student in order for them to know if these student does have a criminal record that could put the student’s safety and security in jeopardy, even the behavior of the student is always being checked as a safety precaution.
  1. Child Custody – if the person has a son or daughter and getting divorced from his/her past relationship a criminal record no matter how small or big it is can really affect when it comes to child custody since it can be used as a way of ensuring the safety of the child. Especially if that person’s criminal record is related to domestic abuse that can easily rule him/her out of child custody.

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